Review process

I. Reception of manuscripts and primary evaluation

Author contributions are managed by the editor under the guidance of members of the Editorial Board. Once the formal requirements of the publication have been verified, the manuscript is analyzed by the editorial team, which can: a) accept the submission for external review, b) suggest modifications or c) reject it in the first instance. In the latter case, the editor may or may not provide feedback to authors. This first phase takes an average of 1 month.

II. Double-blind review by external reviewers

Manuscripts are sent for evaluation to experts in the field, two per manuscript. In the evaluation process, extreme care is taken to maintain the confidentiality of authors and reviewers (double-blind system). The journal has an article evaluation form as a guideline for the review. There are four possible outcomes: a) publishable without modifications, b) publishable with suggestions, c) publishable with modifications, and d) unpublishable.

In all cases, reviewers prepare a report based on their opinion. The Editorial Board may convene other reviewers in cases where the conclusions of the appointed experts are incompatible with each other or when there are doubts about methodological aspects.

Once the reviewers' assessment is generated, it is analyzed by the editor, who prepares a communication for the authors about the assessment result. Authors must make the requested changes within approximately 15 days. Then, the Editorial Board, taking into account the reviewers' considerations, confirms that the modified text takes into account the observations made. The editor is responsible for the final decision on the acceptance or rejection of articles. This decision is final.

The external evaluation process for each article takes an average of 3 months, which can vary depending on the content of the considerations or the need for consultation with other experts.

III. Publication

Once the final version of the manuscript is accepted, the technical team takes care of the editing and layout of the manuscript and, if necessary, communicates with the authors to make adjustments before publication.

Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, it will be immediately published.