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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Copyrights are distributed under the Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

Author Guidelines

All manuscripts must be submitted in English, Portuguese or Spanish.

Manuscripts are intended exclusively for the Olympianos - Journal of Olympic Studies and that they are the original work of the author(s) and not are simultaneously under consideration elsewhere. The manuscript should have up to 6000 words or 20 pages including abstracts, tables, figures, notes and references.

Structure of the Manuscript:

The structure of the manuscript will be divided into subheadings:

  • Introduction - it should be objective, identifying and synthesizing, with the literature, the importance of the topic that will be addressed in the manuscript;
  • Materials and Methods - the sample studied, their selection criteria, as well as the data source must be described in a clear, complete and concise;
  • Results - should describe the results without the concern of interpretation and should not repeat what is described in tables and figures;
  • Discussion- should contain the interpretation of the results, using a comparison with the literature and study limitations;
  • Conclusions - the summary of the study, indicating the paths for further research. 


Preparation of Manuscripts


The manuscript must be typed on A4 paper, Times New Roman font, size 12, all margins within 3 cm, spacing of 1.5 throughout the text (except for abstract and references that should be single spaced) and saved in MS-Word 97-2003 or higher.

Cover Page:

This page must also contain the title in English, Portuguese and Spanish (centered, bold, with all capital letters).

The manuscripts should be presented containing three abstracts (English, Portuguese and Spanish), followed by Key Words / Palavras-Chave / Palabras clave. Abstracts should be structured from 250 to 300 words, with the objectives, materials and methods, main results and conclusions, but without using topics.


Key Words:

It is must be indicated between 3 and 5.

Format for References in the Text:

References should be in the Vancouver format. The author(s) should be quoted by the surname(s) and then, in a superscript and without space, the identification number of the work in the references. Examples: Brownell and  Parry1; Binder2.


All direct quotations of 40 words or more should be displayed as indented text, with simple spaced. Displaying the page number where it has been retired the quotation.


Try to avoid using too many notes. When they are needed, they should be brief and appear on the same page identified by letters.


Figures, Tables, Maps and Diagrams:

These items should be presented in their proper position in the text and should contain short descriptive headings (Times New Roman, size 10, single spacing, consecutively with Arabic numerals and presented on it).


Format for References:

References should be ordered in the order of entry in the text, numbered and standardized according to the Vancouver style ( and Periodical titles should be abbreviated, according to the Medical Index (can be consulted at Publications with 2 authors up to the limit of 6 are all cited; above 6 authors, we cite the first one followed by the Latin expression et al.


Chatziefstathiou  D, Ramon X, Miragaya A. Olympic idea nowadays: perceptions and insights. Bellaterra: Centre d´Estudis Olimpics i de I´Esport de la UAB; 2015.


Reid H. Athletic Beauty in Classical Greece: A Philosophical View. J Philos Sport. 2012; 39: 1-17.

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