Olympism in the metaverse: perspectives for building a more inclusive world


  • David Grassi




Olympism, Metaverse, Ethics


The current evolution of technology that has already made the internet possible could soon make fully usable a persistent multidimensional universe capable of providing its users with further ways to meet, play, socialize and work. It is legitimate to question the possible implications for the future of sport. As a social phenomenon, sport will remain connected to the transformation that is taking place and there will reasonably be new ways both for athletes and for fans. The openness to innovation that is characteristic of sport and Olympism gives impetus to the debate on how the internal good of sport must be preserved and how the objectives of the Olympic Charter must be achieved. An at least partial transfer of sport is expected from a context of sociality and practice that provides for a traditional physical contact and therefore in the presence, to that of a universe characterized using digital artefacts which should, according to a desirable orientation, amplify the connections between individuals even in virtual reality. On the other hand, this transformation could deviate into an alienating posthuman experience, with damaging effects on the weakest individuals, because they are in the development phase of their identity, in training or because they are socially disadvantaged. This article will try to provide some food for thought in the debate that is opening and regarding the appropriateness of this further digital revolution which, through a process that seems unstoppable, is already affecting the whole of society.


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